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Help Us Help The Animals!

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The Earth is mother for human beings, animals and nature. It bears countless fruits, which are offered not only to people, but also to the animal world. The animals are a part of mother Earth. They bear in themselves the awareness of their Creator, which is unity, and they want to be our friends.

The immeasurable suffering of animals today can be most effectively diminished wherever people stop eating meat. We invite you to help us help the animals.

As a non-profit organization that supports the rights of animals with billboards, posters, advertisements, postcards, books, videos and other means, we welcome all people who would like to help us help the animals. Select from any of the following assortment available to read online, preview or order to distribute.

Since 2004 we have been sending this material FREE OF CHARGE.  Unfortunately, contributions have not covered the cost.  Therefore, effective April 1, 2009, we are now requesting payment that exceeds the cost by a little to help us continue to support this effort in third-world countries.

Please visit our Catalog section.

We are now offering Free PDF Downloads of Posters and Postcards that you can download and print for distribution.

The animals thank you!


 The Prophetic Voice for the Animals 

Animals suffer unspeakably in the slaughterhouses, in the experimental laboratories and through hunting - killed million fold for the human consumption of meat. The animals speak into the hearts of the people: "Help us, so that we have a roof over our heads just as you do. Feel into your hearts, you people! Feel that we are your little brothers and sisters! ... Please, please, help, so that animal loving people can build shelters for us and give us food!"





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