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February 2009


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MT, Brazil
I will distribute this material at my school.



Santarém, Portugal
I'll use the pins in my backpack, so every one in the street will see the message. For now it's the only way I can do my campaign.
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Moscow Oblast, Russia
I work in medical college, so it would be great to use these posters there.
how_hear: friend



Norfolk, UK
Our college group will be distributing these materials in the town centre.
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keyword_used: free campaign materials animals



We will be using all of these materials for a tabling event. Everything you have to spare is great. Thank you so much, we are very grateful.
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keyword_used: Animal Rights Information

I am a college student and an activist - mostly for animals, but also for gender equality, racial equality, environmentalism and the pro-choice movements.  Animal activism is my number one priority however.  I'm the president of the Animal Rights Club and would love to use the materials to give out at tablings, events, and whatnot.  On March 14th I have an event planned at my local library and would like to have a table for giving out animal rights materials to potential activists or people who are already activists.  I will be doing mutliple fundraisers for animal rights organizations and the Animal Shelter within the next two months and would be happy to put you guys on our donate-to list. 
how_hear: PETA2 Boards - Linked from a website that gave out A.R stuff.

I am going to pass some and post some around my school. I am also going to make a booth somewhere.
how_hear: A friend

I always go protesting at malls and hang up posters around my school. They are used to seeing the peta ones, but these are unique and wonderful. Plus my mom and I read tons of animal rights books and then I give them to the library or my friends.
how_hear: friend

I want to spread the message and post them around my school.

I plan to display them on bulletin board.

I'm going to use all of this for my senior project stuff and hand them out to kids when I go to their schools to talk about this. Thanks for the stuff.
how_hear: PETA Board

I plan on handing these materials out at school.

I am an activist here in Oklahoma. We have several rallies planned and would use any materials you can send to help us spread the word and educate others. Thanks.
how_hear: friend

Thank you so much for offering free materials.  I am on a very tight budget and am living paycheck to paycheck right now.  I try to do everything I can for animal rights but its hard when you don't have a lot of money to spend.
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keyword_used: animal rights materials

I ordered the Prophet 15 book a year or two ago, and wanted to read more of your books.

I am a musician and I play local concerts, but also I am an animal rights activist. I like to be able to use my music to help inform people about the cruelty that they put animals through. I'm planning on using these materials to distribute and educate people attending the places I perform. I am also hosting a KFC boycott with help of P.E.T.A so some of these materials will go to that cause as well.
how_hear: word of mouth

I'm trying to veganize the school cafeteria and need some materials to show that there are more vegetarians at the school that they think. Also I love to table concerts and show people that what they are doing to animals is wrong. Most people truly don't realize what they are doing, they are simply uneducated. I'd like to be a part of fixing that.




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