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March 2007


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Maleny, Queensland - Australia

I hand them out to everyone i come across and stick the stickers on my car and other means of transport, I am very passionate about animal rights and won't stand down till the word is out and people know how these poor animals are treated, Thank you for you wonderful help for helping me get the word out.=+]

Melbourne, Australia


Brisbane, QLD - Australia

i am in  animal rights group at school. i would like to use this stuff to show people in my group



Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil

Save the nature, save the world!!!

Sao Bernado do Campo, Sao Paulo - Brazil

Good job! i am vegetarian i love animals!
and i need pass this for the rest of people. [sorry, my English is very very bad!]

Cuiaba, MT - Brazil

Conscientization, at school.

Teresina, PI - Brazil

I'D like to use these materials in a paper for my graduation course.

Santa Maria, RS - Brazil

oi, I am vegetarian and in the state where I live the barbecue very is appreciated, therefore I am making campaign to finish with the slaughter of animals in favor of the feeding.

Caruaru, Pernambuco - Brazil



Mainga, PR - Brazil

I think it is great that you are doing this. Congratulations for the job. I was vegetarian for 3 years, but i have stopped that lifestyle... but I wish I could go back into it, but its a little difficult in the town where I live. My brother and sister are vegetarians, and although I\'m not dietetically in this lifestyle, I am in it philosophically. I hope I can turn some minds with that material :)

City Rio Branco, State Acre - Brazil

When to have manifestation or campaign in my state

Niterói - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

I'm from Brazil, and I help the cause.  Please, send me all about, I show for everybody and we help the animal planet!  I think what the humans are cruel beast.




Sicamous, BC - Canada

To help teach the consequences of animal cruelty.



New Delhi, India

i am a school going girl . I gave up eating meat after seeing how ruthlessly they are slaughtered .i strongly believe the fact that most of the animals can be saved if everyone turns vegetarian .
i will use the material you provide me for spreading awareness amongst my friends at school and in my neighborhood.  i am very fond of animals and am glad to have found this site . in India  very few people are involved in wildlife conservation.



Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

I'm a scout leader, and I want to help my troops to have more appreciation for the animals in doing no harm to other living creatures and to love them as they love humans.




Makati City - Philippines

Thank you for this materials.



West midlands, England - UK

I would like to use these in the boycott P&G campaign on may the 19th. Thank you very much.




Castle Rock, WA - USA

spreading the word about animals that should be treated better. i want to show people how wrong it is, and show them/give them some of this to help remind them. people need too realize how messed up it can be.

Gulliver, MI - USA

I am going to hand out pins at school and post posters at grocery stores.


Glen Ellyn, IL - USA

I will be passing them out at a tabling at the College of DuPage.


Norfolk, VA - USA

This material you are so kindly sending to me will be given out to a couple of close friends and family members. The poster size pics will be framed for my dining area to serve my family as a constant reminder of why we are vegan. God Bless!!! Thank you..


Warren, OH - USA

I will use the buttons for additional activism when I go stickering and leafleting.  And I would like to read the books to improve my knowledge of animal rights when compared to religion.

Madill, OK - USA

I will send donation when merchandise is received if possible.


Batavia, OH - USA

I'm not really doing a big campaign but i strongly support what you are doing and i plan to donate soon as i got some cash. thanks allot, keep it up.

Loveland, CO - USA

Not for campaign use, but for my own personal use and to explain to people who question it.


Stephentown, NY - USA

Well we ,{me organizing mainly with a little help from friends}, are working on a Kentucky Fried Cruelty Demo. We have the Ringling bros coming April 26th-29th and we intend on showing up there as well as the great American meat out march 20th. I would greatly appreciate the pins and posters, thank you.


Honolulu, HI - USA

I am a student and do not have any money over for the moment, but as soon as I do I will contact you and contribute with what I've got! This is a great initiative; hopefully it will change the world!:)




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