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 The Prophetic Voice for the Animals


Dear visitors,


For more than 30 years, I have been privileged to be the bearer of the word of the eternal Spirit, of the Christ of God. You will ask: What is a bearer of the word of the eternal Spirit? – It is a prophet of God; and where I am concerned, a prophetess of God. I did not call myself for this, and I did not name myself as such, nor will I describe myself as a prophetess of God.


It is the Eternal One who made me into His divine instrument, because of a divine mission from above, from the Kingdom of God. God calls me the bearer of His word, His prophetess. I myself simply remained a human being among human beings, in the Spirit of our eternal Father, Gabriele, the sister of all my brothers and sisters.


In the prophetic word, the Spirit of the Christ of God gave countless revelations to the people during these 30 years. He, the great, Eternal One, gave us human beings words of life, words of guidance. He also gave admonishment, which are related to the present time. The word of God is available in many books and in audio form. Among others, the word of God can be read in the great revelation of the Christ of God, “This Is My Word. Alpha and Omega.” You can also read about my spiritual development in there, as well as in the first volume of “The Path to Cosmic Consciousness – Happiness, Freedom and Peace.”


I want to introduce myself very briefly to you. As already mentioned, I am your sister in the Spirit of God, our eternal Father, whose children, whose sons and daughters, we all are. So, I am a person among people, with, however, the divine mission from the eternal Being to bring messages from the eternal Being.


During these past 30 years, I have experienced not only the hopelessness, loneliness, suffering, grief and illness of my fellowmen, of my brothers and sisters, whom all Christians recognize in the Lord’s Prayer as children of one Father. I also experienced and still experience the unspeakable suffering in the animal world. Animals have hardly any rights in this world and seldom a voice. On the other hand, according to the constitution of their respective governments, people have rights and obligations, and thus, a voice. Animals, however, need people who love them and speak for them in this dark, cruel and brutal world.


The commandment of love for God and neighbor refers not only to people. God is the Creator of life. Whether we think of people and of animals, whether we observe Mother Earth in all her diversity –life is the presence of God, also in nature, in every animal, in a drop of water, and in every stone. Jesus taught us to love all creatures. During his life on earth he also gave the animals a voice, even though as good as nothing about this can be found in the Bible. In apocryphal gospels, on the other hand, for example, in “The Gospel of Jesus,” we find uncensored and extensive reports about the love of Jesus for the animals. At this point, I would like to quote here a few examples:


Be just, be merciful to your neighbor and to all creatures that live, and walk humbly with your God. (7:10)


In another passage, we can read:

And the lion came and lay at the feet of Jesus, and showed him its love. And the people were very astonished and said, “See, this man loves all creatures, and He has power even over the animals of the desert, and they obey him. (6:21)


Jesus went to Jerusalem and came upon a camel with a heavy burden of wood. The camel could not haul its load up the hill and the driver beat it and treated it cruelly, but could not get the animal to move. And as Jesus saw it, He said to him, “Why do you beat your brother?” And the man retorted, “I did not know that it is my brother. Is it not a beast of burden, made to serve me?” And Jesus said, “Has not the same God created this animal and your children who serve you from the same material and have you not both received the same breath from God?” (31:12-14)


Further on, we can read:

Jesus came into a village and saw there a stray kitten, and it suffered from hunger and cried out to Him. And He picked it up, wrapped it in His robe and let it rest at His breast. And when He went through the village, He gave the cat to eat and to drink. And it ate and drank and showed Him its thanks. And He gave it to one of His disciples, a widow called Lorenza, and she took care of it. And some of the people said: This man takes care of all the animals. Are they His brothers and sisters, that He loves them so? And He said to them, Verily, these are your fellow brothers from the great family of God, your brothers and sisters who have the same breath of life from the Eternal. And whoever cares for the least of them and gives it food and drink in its need does this to Me, and the one who deliberately allows that one of them suffer privation and does not defend it when it is ill-treated allows this evil to happen as if it were done to Me. For just as you have done in this life will it be done to you in the life to come. (34-7:10)


Verily, I say to you, the one who derives benefit from the injustice that is inflicted on a creature of God cannot be righteous. Just as little can those whose hands are stained with blood or whose mouths are defiled with flesh deal with holy matters or teach the mysteries of heaven. (38:2)


And continuing:

And whatever you do to the least of my children, you do to Me. For I am in them and they are in me. Yes, I am in all creatures and all creatures are in Me. In all their joys, I, too, rejoice and in all their afflictions, I too, suffer. This is why I say to you: Be kind to one another and to all the creatures of God.” (38:6)


And it is also written:

The Passover was at hand, and Jesus went up again from Bethany to Jerusalem. And He found sitting in the temple those who sold oxen, sheep and doves, as well as the money-changers.

Then He made a scourge of seven cords and drove them all out of the temple. He released the sheep and the oxen and the doves, poured out the changers’ money and overturned the tables.

And He said to them, Take these things out and do not make of My Father’s house a house of merchandise. Is it not written: My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people? But you have made of it a den of thieves and filled it with all kinds of abominations. And he did not tolerate that anyone carry a vessel of blood through the temple, or that animals be slain. (71:1-4)


And in the Old Testament, God had already spoken through the prophets: “Your sacrifices are an abomination to me!” – And despite this, people still sacrifice the animals for their celebrations.


Against all odds, ever more people are experiencing the mighty irradiation of the light of the Christ of God outside of the church institutions. Ever more people learn about the love, kindness and gentleness of Jesus. They recognize that His teaching encompasses the care and mercy toward the weaker ones, that includes the animals. They begin to see the animals with other eyes – and not only as providers of meat – and give the animals a voice. I also give my voice to the animals. Animals speak into my heart and I interpret their language.


Dear fellow people, I hope so very much that the words also reach your heart!


The animal’s request:


At every season of the year, regardless of weather conditions, whether cold, warm or even hot during the summer days, many of our animal brothers and sisters live out in the open, without shelter or protection. Through me, they are asking:

 “Help us, so that we also get a roof over our heads, like you have and like the animals in Bethlehem had, who received Mary and Joseph and their child in their midst. Feel into your hearts, you people! Feel that we are your little animal brothers and sisters! For us animals, too, each day can be Bethlehem, when people who love us, help to create shelters and a habitat where we can receive, for example, clean food as Mother Earth wants to give to us, without artificial fertilizers.


Please, please, help, so that animal-loving people can build shelters, acquire land, in order to offer us food such as you people also want: pure and natural!


Help us, so that hunters and trappers can no longer profit through you people from their brutal, furtive ways of shooting and trapping. As soon as our dead bodies are no longer put on the table as a roast, there is no reason to keep killing us.


We animals fervently plead: Don’t eat our flesh! If the consumption of meat diminishes, then as a result, the violence in the woods and on the fields will lessen more and more. Please, please, contribute to the fact that your eating habits have no slaughter victim behind it. If you think about it, then remember, among other things, Joseph and Mary and the animals in the stable in Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary did not slaughter the animals for their own physical well-being – they loved the animals and the animals loved them. The animals provided warmth and gladly gave up their manger for the infant boy. People who see an example for themselves in Bethlehem, will not only remember the great love of God at Christmastime, but become aware of the fact that “Bethlehem” should be present each day, for God, the Eternal, loves people, but also the animals, and all of the Mother Earth.”



Animals in their livestock prisons also speak into my heart, and I, Gabriele, give them my voice:


“We are bred and raised to be slaughtered, prisoners in a horrible barn. We, too are beings of creation, who feel just as you human beings do. We feel fear, sorrow and joy. Many of us are cattle – condemned to slaughter, because people want to eat our flesh. We stand in the tightest spaces, with hardly any freedom of movement. Underneath, are grate-like metal floors – you call them split flooring. Our excrement falls through them, so that we are forced to vegetate away in an acrid atmosphere.


Please, please, don’t eat us, and set an example of neighborly love! Look into our eyes, and you will feel that we cattle are also beings of creation and thus, your neighbor, because God is unity in animal, plant and stone, on the whole earth, in the whole cosmos.


We cows breathe like you do. You love freedom – so do we. You, too, breathe and want no person and no animal to deliberately take your breath. Please, please, set an example!: Don’t eat us! Then the greed for profit of those who keep us in animal ghettos will gradually drain away, because they will stop breeding to produce meat – the flesh of the animals that have the same breath as you people! Breath is life, it comes from the eternal Creator. Please don’t deliberately take our breath from us for the sake of your consumption of meat.”


Geese, ducks, chickens – all the animals on and in the earth are asking; all the animals in the waters are asking; all the animals in the air are asking:


“Let us live! Please, please don’t eat us! Let the love for every creature emerge in your hearts. Give us a voice in this dark, cruel and brutal human world: Let us live!

We ask you!”


Animals in the experimental laboratories are asking:

 “People, help see that the bestial cruelties, the torture of us living beings, stop! You people also don’t want to be experimental objects, either. You, too, don’t want to be tortured. We tortured and tormented animals are suffering. Just as you human beings, we also feel grief, pain and torment. We are also afraid of deliberate killing that seldom takes place without torture. Please, please help us, and let the love of Jesus, the Christ, emerge in your human hearts, who loved the animals and everything the Earth bore! We are asking for help, for grace and mercy!


Please, please, you people, give us animals a voice. Don’t eat us! Feel with us! Sense with us! Then you will begin to love us, and then, very gradually, there will be peace in the woods and on the fields and in the barns, in the waters, in the air and in the experimental laboratories. If Bethlehem becomes a sign of love for the animals in the hearts of people, then the love for God and neighbor can also draw among the people, the peace, the unity, which Jesus, the Christ, taught the people.”


Dear visitors, let the animals look you in the eye. Then you will feel what they want to say to you. Over and over again: “Please, please help us!” But the animals also give thanks for the kindness, the love and mercy that goes out of those people who truly personify the love for God and for neighbor. And then we experience moments with the animals, and we feel that they are our fellow creatures, that have the same breath as we do, from the breath of life of the Creator God.


Let us human beings breathe with the animals! Then it will become brighter in this world, and God’s kingdom will awaken in us. It is the peace in our hearts and in our minds. If the animals have gained access into our hearts, then we have learned to love a little bit more. And then the love for God and neighbor also grows for the people; and then there is peace in us.


I, Gabriele, thank you for visiting this website for the animals.


Jesus, the Christ, taught us:

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like  a wise man who built his house on the rock.

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.

And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it."


Original Christians all over the world are truly building on the rock, Christ. Original Christians have acquired a small piece of land, a New Bethlehem land, a small receiving station for the animals. It is a project that lends the animals a voice. Animals live without fear on this still small land. There are cows, sheep, geese, ducks; cats; in addition, there are birds who are glad to find a home in the small groups of trees that have been planted. The animals of the woods and fields are drawing ever closer. They feel secure and at home in the bosom of the Mother Earth, which, without great effort on the part of people, offers the animals what it has to give: above all, security, shelter, peace and food.


It is still a small land, the peaceful New Bethlehem land. With your help, it could grow larger and give ever more animals security and a home.


I do not want to beg, but speak into your heart and, in your heart, ask for the animals and for the Mother Earth. Begging is a kind of coercion. But I want to reach your heart. If I have reached your heart, and if you decide, from the stirrings in your heart, to give something for the animal brothers and sisters, then it is a gift of love to the animals and to nature.


I know very well that the need and hunger in this world is growing ever more. However, only among the people, because as many of us know, the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider. Why? Because the hearts of the rich are growing ever colder, so that poor people turn to the rich more or less out of necessity to ask, or beg, for money.


Let us remember the words of Jesus: For one, that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. For the other, the statement of Jesus about building a house. Symbolically, many a rich person builds his house upon the sand, which means that it will fall in; that the soul of the hard-hearted person will go into the beyond one day with empty hands. For a burial shroud has no pockets.


It is necessary and a concern of the heart, that people think about neighborly love. But this also applies to the animals, yes, to the whole Mother Earth. The animals and the earth are affected by the gap that is widening more and more, because we know what was done, and is being done, to them.


People speak to people and ask for money for the destitute people. This is right and good. Original Christians also remember them, particularly because they see the need in parts of the population. But the animals hardly have a voice. So, I want to continue to be their voice:


Please, please, help!


I know that not everyone luxuriates in wealth, having to earn their living each day – often under the most difficult conditions, and feeling on their own body what it can mean to have or not have a dollar to their name. The animals, our fellow creatures, ask the rich ones and all people who form the nation:


Please, please, don’t eat us! And, if you would like to help the animals, we ask very simply, by saying: "Even  $1, helps”


Don’t let yourself be induced into anything by the following information regarding donation possibilities. I don’t want to persuade or even urge you to give anything. But it is normal that, also when the heart speaks and gives, there has to be some organizational information. So I ask for your understanding.


The animals thank you – and I, too, Gabriele, who gives my voice to the animals, thank you with all my heart.


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